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FUJITSU SIEMENS CELSIUS Laptop Batteries & Power Adapters from PowerUP

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Welcome to PowerUP. Backed by over 15 years of experience at providing Laptop and Handheld Computer Power products, you can rely on us for high quality Batteries, AC Adaptors, even Car and Airplane Adaptors.

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Celsius Celsius M

· All Celsius M

Celsius Mobile

· All Mobile

...All models:

· Celsius 420 MT8 (D1107)
· Celsius 422 MT8 (K547V4.D1236)
· Celsius 440 MT8 (V2.D1107.D1127)
· Celsius 442 MT8 (K547V5.D1327)
· Celsius 444 MT8 (K547V6.D1337)
· Celsius 460 MT8 (V3.D1192)
· Celsius 600 MT8 (V3.D1181)
· Celsius 600 MT8 (V4.D1160)
· Celsius 620 MT8 (K546.D1161)
· Celsius 630 MT8 (D1065)
· Celsius 670 D1302
· Celsius 880 (K620V1.D1246)
· Celsius H240
· Celsius H250
· Celsius K320 (K644V1.D1683)
· Celsius K330 D1931 I915G
· Celsius Q550
· Celsius R540 D1809 DUAL XEON
· Celsius R610 (K680V1.D1357)
· Celsius R630 D1691 E7525
· Celsius R640 D1808 DUAL XEON
· Celsius V810 (K680V8.D1692)
· Celsius V810 (K681V1.D1692-B
· Celsius V830 D1818 (YBCN...)
· Celsius V830 D1818 (YBSJ...)
· Celsius V840 D2533 DUAL OPTERON
· Celsius W340 D2156 I945G (YBEA...)
· Celsius W340 D2156 I945G (YBWN...)
· Celsius W350 D2317 IQ965
Celsius Celsius M Series
· Celsius M410 (K665V1.D1356)
· Celsius M420 (K665V2.D1688)
· Celsius M430 D1858 I925X
· Celsius M440 D2178 I955 (YBEX...)
· Celsius M440 D2178 I955 (YBWM...)
· Celsius M450 D2438 I975X
Celsius Mobile Series
· Celsius MOBILE H230
· Celsius MOBILE H230/R
· Celsius Mobile A
· Celsius MOBILE A L1
· Celsius Mobile H
· Celsius MOBILE H (P4) L1
· Celsius MOBILE H L1
· Celsius Mobile H210
· Celsius Mobile H240
· Celsius Mobile H250
· Celsius Mobile H265
· Celsius Mobile H270
· Celsius Mobile H700
· Celsius Mobile H710
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