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UBP0766B Product Information

This page shows details about our product UBP0766B. If you can not find the part you are looking for, or have a question about an item please ask us. These products are spares, intended to directly replace the original manufacturer's part.

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Battery : External - Lithium ion
part UBP0766B External Battery, fits neatly under the notebook to provide up to 9 hours run time. Includes universal 75W AC adapter and 13 tips Compatible part for use as a direct replacement for the original manufacturer's part.
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  Voltage 15.0 V
  Capacity 9500 mAh
  Weight 1400 g
  Dimensions 290mm x 220mm x 12mm
  Shape Rectangular
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Product Information
  Function battery performs External, External battery pack connecting to DC input
  Chemistry of battery Lithium ion, Newer type of rechargable, giving best performance for a rechargable.
    Excellent for use on long distance flights. 
    Can be used in a wireless office instead of an ac adapter. 
    Fits neatly under the notebook and eliminates the need for an additional battery. 
    Comes with a range of tips to attach the battery to the notebook via the DC input jack 
    Comes with a universal 75W ac adapter to charge the battery or to use separately 
    Will only work on machines rated to 90W 

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